NELL : Table Basse Avec Des Épingles À Cheveux Noires


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Table basse moderne, dimensionnement personnalisé disponible

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NELL : table basse rustique faite à la main avec pieds en épingle à cheveux noirs. Fabriqué à partir de bois récupéré.

Tableau présenté : Finition Chêne Foncé 125x80cm

Pour voir toutes nos finitions, veuillez cliquer ici.

Nous vendons des bancs en épingle à cheveux ici.

Mesures et ajustement
Hauteur : 43 cm (pieds de 40 cm de haut et épaisseur de bois de 3 cm)
Longueur: 100-200 cm
Largeur: 60-100 cm
Épaisseur supérieure : 3cm
Un dimensionnement personnalisé est disponible (nous pouvons redimensionner n'importe quel article plus petit sans frais supplémentaires, veuillez noter que cela augmente le temps d'expédition). Si vous souhaitez un article plus grand, veuillez nous contacter.

Entretien et personnalisations
Nous pouvons personnaliser davantage votre table avec des bords irréguliers, des trous de câblage ou une gravure ici.
Manuel de soins.

Nos plateaux de table récupérés, associés à des pieds en épingle à cheveux noirs solides, sont parfaits pour les salons et les entrées.

FORT Construit à partir de bois massif avec de solides pieds en épingle à cheveux en acier. Le bois est collé avec une résine haute performance et renforcé par des supports en sous-face.
RESPECTUEUX DE LA NATURE Nos dessus de table sont fabriqués à partir de bois récupéré, ce qui signifie que chaque panneau est tout à fait unique ! Nous vendons les déchets de notre processus de fabrication tels que chutes et sciure et planter des arbres pour chaque article commandé.
FINITION DURABLE La surface est traitée avec plusieurs couches d'huile de cire dure et offre une excellente durabilité ainsi qu'une belle finition.
FABRIQUÉ À LA MAIN Construit et conçu par notre merveilleuse équipe à Londres, nous mettons de l'amour et du soin dans chaque article que nous produisons.
Photo par B.Hill

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We're a London based team with a passion for the environment and creating beautiful reclaimed furniture that's designed to last.

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What size bench should I order to fit under my table?
For VERA and LUDWIG tables we would recommend getting a bench 25cm shorter than the table to give allowance for the leg spacing.

For ASPA and LEON tables we would recommend getting a bench at least 31cm shorter.

Can you make my order a custom size?
We can indeed make our items to your desired specifications. Custom sizing (cutting smaller) is available for an extra charge here. If you're wanting a larger item please get in contact with us.
Is it possible to get an uneven edge on my item?
An uneven edge is something we come across on some of our reclaimed boards, they give the edge of the table a unique curve and form. It's available on our customisation listing.
Can I request additional personalisation on my order?
Absolutely, for any personalisation or unique hardware you wish to include please send us a message at and we'll get back to you and work through your request.

Do you have any more pictures of the finishes?
We have pictures of all our finishes on our Supporting Materials page here.
Will my item differ from the pictures?
We try to show a full range of the different finishes in our gallery, please bear in mind that with our reclaimed items we often include and finesse marks and imperfections from the material's previous life, highlighting the uniqueness of each board. The different finishes are all applied to the same reclaimed solid wood boards but variations are a certainty.
What type of product do you use for the surface?
We use Fiddes Hardwax oil, a long lasting and durable finish to which we blend our own custom formulation of pigments and flow agents. Any top ups to the finish can be done with their clear matt oil.

Do the products require assembly?
Yes, most of the products require a really simple assembly, with hairpin items it's just a few screws (requiring a screwdriver) and scaffold items require an Allen key as well. We also have a guide to assembly here. Any issues please let us know!
How do I look after my item?
It shouldn't need much looking after! The surface is hard wearing, and can be cleaned with normal surface cleaners Touch ups to damaged areas can be made with a little Fiddes Hard Wax Matt Oil, and a sponge. Fiddes also sell a specific cleaner for their finishes called 'wood flooring refresher'.
Could the design vary from the one on the listing?
We reserve the right to update designs so that we may improve our products or adapt to the reclaimed materials we have at the time

Is there any extra cost for delivery?
We offer free delivery to mainland UK on everything that we manufacture. Though other pricing does apply to other locations. Shipment prices will come up during checkout before payment is taken. For delivery abroad please see our question further down 'Do you deliver to...'
How long will it take to deliver my order?
Delivery dates vary based on your location and the items ordered, an estimate should be shown on the listing page. Also shown during checkout. As these are bespoke items made from scratch there is a chance of an additional wait for more complicated customisation requests.
Do you deliver to..
Europe- Yes we deliver to a vast variety of European countries, some extra delivery charges may apply (shown at checkout). Please also familiarise yourself with local customs rules, customs fees will apply though we will refund some of the item cost to help with this.

Northern Ireland- We do deliver to Northern Ireland, there is a surcharge for deliveries here which is payable at the checkout

Remote Areas (UK)- Yes, a surcharge will apply to some of these

The US- Unfortunately we don't at the moment deliver to the United States