About us

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The Idea

Our concept was to make items that are extremely well built but still look sleek and bring out the beauty of our hard-working materials. We were excited to see some out there starting to appropriate scaffold boards for furniture. Often though these wouldn't have the level of care this material deserved or they'd be machined to the point that all character was lost. We set out to right this wrong and create beautiful items that show off the full glory of reclaimed!

Environmental Concern

We have a strong passion for doing all we can to help the planet. We focus on making products that have a long life and reusing materials that help lessen our environmental impact, using reclaimed materials that would otherwise be burnt or sent to landfill. Learn more about our sustainable practice here.

Who We Are

We are a close-knit family run business established in 2017 working out of our East London workshop, we manufacture all our wooden items on site with our wonderful team.
The business was founded by Riz and Mica. Riz initially focused on the construction side of our products whilst Mica's speciality was the look and finish, incorporating pigments and oils with skills developed whilst working as a makeup artist. We have team members with backgrounds in carving, sculpture and instrument manufacture.


Left to right: Mica, Leela and Riz

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