Planting Trees


How to plant trees:

  • Make a purchase*
  • You'll receive an email containing your gifted trees
  • Check in on their progress whenever you wish!



About Tree-Nation

  • Deforestation is responsible for about 17% of all Climate Change emissions. Purchasing reclaimed items (such as ours!) is one great way to help the planet as it disrupts the near-sightedness of single purpose resource use and reduces the need for new timber.
  • Reforestation is also crucial for our fight against climate degradation, in order to supercharge our environmental efforts we gift a tree for each and every item over £12.
  • We've partnered with the wonderful Tree-Nation who work on hundreds of replanting project across the world, they work to reforest in a sustainable way (no mono-cultures of non-native trees). 
  • 85% of all terrestrial species live in tropical forests, whose existences are intrinsically bound to the forests. Tree-Nation restore and preserve the biodiversity and help to avoid mass extinctions.