Bookshelf Desk Assembly


1. Lay the largest panel down on a flat surface, raised from the floor so you can screw into the back i.e. between a dining table and chair

2. Line up the shelves with the grooves/dados in this panel and line up with the edges.

3. Screw these shelves onto the panel from behind using long thin screws, longer shelves go in horizontally and shorter shelves go vertically (2:35 on video)

4. Move the panel and shelves against a wall (2:56 on video)

5. Attach the metal angle brackets to the wooden leg piece, using the small screws into the circular holes (not the larger oval holes) 

6. Use 4 longer screws to attach the wooden leg piece to the bottom shelf in the groove/dado

7. Use the provided screws (and washers if needed) to fix the trapezium leg to the desktop underside

8. With a second person slide the desktop piece and leg into the largest panel so that it slots into the groove/dado (4:05 on video)

9. Use 4 long thin screws to attach the desktop to the largest panel from the back

10. Use the small screws to attach the metal angle bracket from the leg piece to the underside of the desk using the larger oval holes